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Skins are important in Second Life®: more than anything else, they influence our avatars’ appearance. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am following any new developments at 5th & Oxford with keen interest; always wondering where the next release will take me. My curiosity was answered when the talented Roslin Petion, one half of the creative duo behind the brand (the other being CJ Carnot), dropped a folder of the latest skins on me.

“Brooke” is based on the “Audrey” line, which it shares the body with, but has been adjusted in skin tone and contrast. The face, however, is very different and “Brooke” comes with completely new features: bolder lips, a changed nose and thinner brows are only the most prominent alterations, creating a slightly more mature appearance than the very youthful “Audrey”.

The new skin line launched with five individual make-ups, each available in six varieties and three skintones. Ranging from very natural looks over daytime tones to kaleidoscope colours, I chose two examples from each make-up to showcase here in my usual “fair” skintone. As you can see, some of the looks also come with one or several beauty marks or with freckles, which makes for an interesting variety.

With winged eyeliner and lip colours appropriate for vintage or retro looks, it can hardly be a secret that I adore the “Kitty” make-up.

“Rebel, Rebel” compliments the latest fashion release of 5th & Oxford, a line of punk-rock-inspired shirts and skirts, but the striking eyeshadows and intense colours work equally well in a different context.

The name says it all: only a hint of eyeliner and lipgloss make the “Natural” make-ups a look where the differences are down to details, like the hue of the lip-texture, a beauty mark or flushed cheeks.

If you’re trying to add a dramatic note to your attire, “Nightfall” offers smokey eyes in dark jewel tones.

Finally, a range of eyeshadows in subdued colours and balanced hues for the lips – “Subtle” includes great daytime make-ups that add a bit of colour without dominating the appearance.

“Brooke” once again shows great craftsmanship: the textures are smooth, the make-ups tasteful (even the more flamboyant ones) and the skins are well-balanced, with intelligently and sparingly used highlights. A personal delight is the fact that pitch black brows are available again – with “Audrey”, you had to settle for a brownish black, which sometimes could create the impression of having your hair dyed black rather than sporting your natural haircolour. As always, the eyebrows are modable, so that you can easily adjust them to your haircolour.

I love this new skin line already and look forward to any additions Roslin and CJ might want to add to it in the future!


  • (5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR – Kitty 3
  • (5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR – Kitty 4
  • (5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR – Rebel, Rebel 2
  • (5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR – Rebel, Rebel 4
  • (5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR – Natural 3
  • (5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR – Natural 4
  • (5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR – Nightfall 4
  • (5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR – Nightfall 5
  • (5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR – Subtle 1
  • (5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR – Subtle 3


  • Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth – Woman of the Year – Black Beauty
  • Eyes: (Miriel) Realistic Eyes – Strong Green [not available anymore]
  • Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes – Feather [not available anymore]

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It’s rather late for hopping on this bandwagon – waiting any longer, and I might only see the red rear lights of the train. But I actually enjoyed Sophia Harlow’s bloggers’ challenge and the results it generate on the feeds a lot, so here is my belated contribution.

This first picture still makes me cringe and laugh out loud at the same time. It was taken the very first day I entered the grid in December 2007, and prior to this I had not noticed that my hands were bigger than my head.

A little more than two weeks later, in January 2008, I was living in freebies – but nice freebies. I’m still partial to the *ICING*-dress, and even though the look itself is a bit outdated, at least i don’t have to be ashamed of it.

That one is from April 2008, and by that time I had long arrived in my Vivant skins (TaP had just become Fleur then, I think), which still look very lovely in my opinion. And I was so in love with this hat by Tesla – which now is available  as a freebie at the store.

Finally, a recent picture. I would be two years now had I not left in between, and I’m wondering if the difference in another two years will be just as dramatic as the one here (even between April 2008 – when I had already shed the newbie-look – and April 2010 there already is/will be a huge difference).

Credits for the last picture:

  • Skin: (5th & Oxford) FAIR Audrey Summer Cocktails 2
  • Eyes: (Miriel) Realistic Eyes – Strong Green [not available anymore]
  • Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes – Feather [not available anymore]
  • Hair: Tiny Bird – Into My Arms – pepper [edited some of the hairpins out to give it a vintage look]
  • Jacket & Blouse: Sugarcube peplum jacket & ruffled silk shirt
  • Earrings: Eclectica Medallion earrings

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2009 is officially over here in Europe, and I wanted to wish all of you a good start into the new year!

I will not attend any SL-festivities, but if I would, this dress would probably have been my choice – it’s one of Ingenue’s recent releases.  “Kerria”  is a very sexy yet elegant gown with a sweetheart neckline and a single strap on which a big prim flower is pinned. Very reminescent of the classic Hollywood divas of the 1940s.

To emphasize the elegant side of it, I paired the dress with a pair of 5th & Oxford’s new leather gloves, which I tinted slightly to match the dress better.

All promotional items are marked with a bold “R” for “Review Copy”.


  • Skin: (5th & Oxford) FAIR Audrey Summer Cocktails 1
  • Eyes: (Miriel) Realistic Eyes – Strong Green [not available anymore]
  • Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes – Feather [not available anymore]
  • Hair: ETD – Tyra – smoke


  • Dress: Ingenue ::  Kerria :: Egyptian R
  • Gloves: 5th & Oxford) Leather Gloves – L *purple* [tinted]
  • Earrings: Paper Couture Faceted Golden Sapphire Dangle


  • Pose: [LAP] – Chub – Doin Right [from the 2009 Poop Hunt]

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