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If this picture reminds you of Abba or Farrah Fawcett, you’re not far off, because I’m once again revisiting the 1970s.

When Neferia Abel asked on Plurk if there were any bloggers interested in reviewing an item or two from L’Abel’s upcoming spring collection a while ago, I put my name down on the list, because I’m always curious about what Neferia will come up with next, and while the L’Abel range is the modern branch of Neferia’s fashion “empire”, it often allows for a vintage interpretation as well. So it was no surprise that the “Nana” jumpsuit immediately reminded me of ethnic-influenced clothes from the 1970s, while at the same time it also picks up and reinterprets recent fashion trends.

“Nana” comes with a tight-fitting upper part, accentuated by moderately sized shoulder cuffs, and a lower part which is skin-tight on the system layer, but adds volume with the help of prims both above and below the knee. The colour is a silvery white with charcoal accents and a subtly shimmering texture.

To be perfectly honest, I never thought of Aderyn as a “jumpsuit type”, but this outfit made me revise this opinion as it has just the perfect feel for a hot summer’s day with cloudless skies: one can almost feel the cool fabric on the warm skin, and it certainly looks comfortable in a very un-frumpy way.

The “Jane” wedges by Shiny Things are an excellent match, and while at first I wasn’t going for hair quite as big, Truth’s “Farrah” won me over eventually because it looked the most authentic.


  • Skin: (5th & Oxford) Brooke FAIR – Rebel, Rebel 4
  • Eyes: [LeLutka]-Reflections-Mist-Eyes
  • Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes – Feather [not available anymore]
  • Hair: >Truth< Farrah – espresso


  • Jumpsuit: -L’Abel- Nana silver jumpsuit
  • Shoes: (Shiny Things) Jane Wedges – white


  • Pose: [Long Awkward Pose] – Odds & Ends – Whatcha Want

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December 1 is World AIDS Day, and on this occasion I would like to do a blog post to raise awareness of a condition we all know about, but – for various reasons – choose to largely ignore in everyday life.

A very dear friend of mine is HIV-positive, and he also is the person who first introduced me to SecondLife® in December 2007. Without him, I wouldn’t be here, writing this post.

Like most people, I knew about HIV, but the role it played in my life was too insignificant to ever become more than a distant, abstract threat that seemingly did not belong to my environment. Now, no day goes past that I don’t think of it consciously, that I don’t hope for improvement of already existing therapies or for a breakthrough in scientific research, so that a cure might be found.

At a time of the year when most of the Western hemisphere has its collective thoughts on either upcoming or past holidays, I would like to take a break for World AIDS Day and for all those who are infected with HIV – regardless of age, race, gender, sexual identity or social status; regardless of whether their infection was a risk they took, an accident, or fate; whether they were born with it or not.

To my friend, I’d just like to say: I hope that many decades from now, we will sit together, old and wrinkly, laughing about the times when we were young. I love you.


Of course, the red ribbon I’m wearing is very anachronistic, but in this case, I really don’t care.

My outfit is a new-ish release by Ingenue that I love so much that I’m not yet willing to change into something else. Both the high-waisted “Jane Jean” and the “Marguerite” sweater have a playful, pin-up style sexiness which is never really out of date, so even if vintage or retro fashion are not usually your cup of tea, you still might enjoy these two items. The quality is, as always with Betty Doyle’s creations, very high, so there really is no reason why you should hesitate to get one of the many colours she offfers.
If your balance is currently low or you still need further persuasion, there’s a red version of the Jane Jean available through a Midnight Mania board at Ingenue – just touch the board and with a bit of luck, you’ll receive a free copy at midnight SLT.

Since I recently joined the “iheartsl.com bloggers”-group, I will from now on note all promotional items I received through them with a bold “R” for “review copy”.


  • Skin: (5th & Oxford) FAIR Audrey Summer Cocktails 5
  • Eyes: (Miriel) Realistic Eyes – Strong Green [not available anymore]
  • Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes – Feather [not available anymore]
  • Hair: >Truth< “Ashlynn” espresso



  • Pose: [LAP] Wonder Girls II – The Zoe

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In an uncharacteristic bout of courage I asked for permission to join the “Fashion Blogger Group” yesterday and despite my doubts I was admitted without further ado. Everyone involved was really friendly and accessible – the latter being something one can easily forget when the people are only experienced through their blogs.

Blogger Appreciation Week culminated in a party for bloggers today, and even though we all received an overwhelming amount of presents (I’ll probably be busy opening boxes until the end of the week), the best about it was this sense of community. It seems the group will continue to exist when this weekend is over, and I personally believe this is a great institution.

There was a dress code enforced at the party to keep the lag as low as possible: blue jeans and white tank top without any prim attachments, bare feet (no shoes or prim feet), no jewellery or other attachments; hair was allowed as well as 1 prim attachment to face/ head, for example lashes or a single piercing or pointy ears, and a not too elaborate AO.


Skin: Fleur Allure Alabaster Kitten 1
Eyes: (Miriel) Realistic Eyes – Mossy Rock
Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes – Feather
Hair: >TRUTH< Nikhita – night


Top: [Whippet & Buck] Hykova Buttoned Tank ALABASTER
Jeans: /artilleri/ Nina highwaist pants *blue*
Finger / Toe Nails: [Love Soul] Nail*Colors*Red


Pose: -AnaLu- *fresh poses* 5

Of course, I tried to stay true to my blog theme and preferred styles. Usually, my outfits aren’t that casual, but the high-waisted jeans gives it a bit of a retro feeling, and the skin choice wasn’t limited. Truth’s “Nikhita” hair turned out to have lowest prim number of all I tried and still works as a retro hairdo. A little colourful accent with red nails (even though nothing can realy save the avatars’ feet from looking strange without any shoes on), the new Whippet & Buck tanktop, and I was ready to go.

It was fun to see how different we all looked despite wearing the same “uniform.” Amazing, how much personal style you can express with such limited means.

Every single one of the organizers and content creators who spoiled us so generously would deserve a separate thank you, but I can only single out Callie Cline for happily taking it into her hands to organize such a mass event after initiating it. Many thanks also to everyone else who was part of it. It was through this group that I stopped thinking about bloggers as “them” and started to include myself into the term.

Thank you!

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  • Skin: Fleur Allure Alabaster Kitten 1
  • Eyes: (Miriel) Realistic Eyes – Mossy Rock
  • Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes – Feather
  • Hair: >TRUTH< Berri – night


  • Blouse: *ICING* Puma Jie Shirt – White
  • Skirt: /artilleri/ carla circle skirt *yellow* (stretched to make longer)
  • Shoes: [LeLutka] -KORINA shoes fabric/olive
  • Scarf: Ibizarre Bandana Scarf (pumpkin dots)


  • Pose: Sugar Mill- Sun Gaze (freebie)
  • Scooter: [19MC] D-Hello 1.06

Despite the RL example, initially this outfit  wasn’t modelled after Audrey Hepburn’s look in “Roman Holiday,” but rather grew into resembling it so much that eventually  I decided to go all the way with it. It had started with the hair and skin -for several weeks, the Kitten 1 make up had been the only skin I owned (aside from the Fleur newbie skin), so the 1950s look was a bit of a no-brainer. The shoes were part of the group gift LeLutka gave out several weeks ago and quickly became a staple in my inventory. The rest just fell in place, and in the end I only added the scarf and the scooter as a reference to the original.

Interestingly, it was only when creating this outfit that I noticed that I actually had no idea which colour exactly the original from the film was. There are several colourized DVD-covers, and they all vastly differ in that regard: one shows a red skirt, another a blue one, and I think I even saw one where the skirt was white and the blouse pink… To me, it looks as if the skirt was made from a quite fair-coloured material, so I went with yellow. I opted out of the bigger belt because unlike the original it made my outfit look too bulky.

I couldn’t find a scarf/ necktie which would have been an exact match, but I like how the scarf, skirt and shoes compliment each other without having the exact same hues.

There’s a scene in the film taking place at the Piazza Espagna, and my idea was to shoot there, but it ended up so crowded in this particular sim that I decided to leave again. I prefer quiet places for taking pictures… so, this “Roman Holiday” actually should be called a “Venetian Holiday,” since the snapshot was taken in the Venezia sim.

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Since my pictures still are full of graphic glitches (broken water reflections and light effects), I’ll go with something simple for starters:


  • Skin: Fleur Allure Alabaster Kitten 1
  • Eyes: (Miriel) Realistic Eyes – Mossy Rock
  • Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes – Feather
  • Dress: *ICING* Camilla Blossom
  • Shoes: =DeLa*= Pumps Stella” Noir Black

Spring 1954 (left &  middle):

  • Hair: Kin -Joan- [black]
  • Gloves: *Fleur* Gloves Long Black
  • Earrings: Paper Couture Faceted Golden Sapphire Dangle
  • Stockings: ~Blacklace~ Passionate Touch: Black Sheer Stockings
  • Pose (left): -AnaLu- *fresh poses* 5
  • Pose (middle): [LAP] – C-Cuteness [freebie pose]

Spring 2009 (right):

  • Hair: >TRUTH< Nikhita – night
  • Earrings: Paper Couture Diamond Bow
  • Stockings: *Sheer* Stockings 27: Opaque Black
  • Nails: Ibizarre Nail Polish – firebrick
  • Pose (right): [LAP] – Kewtie Pie

*ICING* has been one of my favourites since the very beginnings.  What amazes me is not only the superb quality for such a comparatively low price, but especially that her outfits usually work both as vintage and as “vintage style” attire. “Camilla Blossoms” would work equally well as a party dress in 2009 and as a cocktail dress in 1954.

I have paired it in both cases with the same pair of shoes and the same make up; they have a nice vintage feeling without dating you. In RL, there probably would be a visible difference between the two make up versions, but in SL we can pretend that the 1950s cosmetics were less pancake-y than they really were.

The biggest difference is the hair, as nowadays the options are far more diverse and people usually choose a less cemented coiffure. Truth’s “Nikhita” manages to look groomed without being overly formal – a very youthful yet grown up hairdo. In 1954, a lady-like look was desired, even if it added a few years to your appearance.

To heighten the contemporary appearance of “Spring 2009,” I added opaque black stockings to the outfit – a feature which could be frequently seen on the catwalk for this season. The shoes, sash and earrings take up the bow motif, which currently is very much en vogue, as is the oversized flower print. In contrast, the print would have been somewhat of an avantgarde look in the 1950s since fabrics were usually printed with smaller, less abstract flower patterns then.

I tried to express the change of mentality which occured between those decades through the poses. It is a real shame that there aren’t more bloggers who credit the poses they use, since without them, all of our pictures would look the same. A good pose not only compliments the avatar’s outfit: it’s like the difference between watching a profesional (talented) actor and a bloody (untalented) amateur on stage. The actor can conjure up a whole new person just through body language, while the amateur will always remind you that you are but watching a pretender.

Finally, a close-up of the earrings for those interested:

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