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About six weeks ago, one of the two graphics cards built into my computer failed, rendering the computer largely unusable. The problem is fixed now in so far as the broken card has been taken out of it, and I can even log into SL again, but only with much-reduced graphics, which means that I have to wait until I can afford a new graphics card before getting back to taking pictures, because my “Second Life® experience” currently consists of grey spheres and polygons.

I hope to be back soon.


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After weeks of attempting to get back into blogging mode and miserably failing at producing anything worth sharing, I’m just going to leave a little note here:

I have given up neither SL nor this blog, but health problems (still the same that plagued me back in June already) had all but eroded any creativity and patience in me for a good while. In addition, currently I don’t have as much spare time as I used to, which makes it even more difficult to come up with something.

However, I remain hopeful that both me and “Vintage Verwood” will be back on track soon. 🙂


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Now that my online life is settling back into its old routine again, I am taking the time to improve this blog and add/finish some features I had planned to include. And, of course, I am “marinating” several new outfits in my mind, meaning that they are basically done, but a little extra is still missing, be it creatively or just plain financially, because I have more or less exhausted this month’s budget and can’t buy anything new.

What I neither foresaw nor expected was such a jump into cold waters so soon after starting to blog again. When I did, I believed to have several weeks at least (if not months) before adding “Vintage Verwood” to any blog roll. During this time, I meant to get some meat to the bones of this blog, but through Blogger Appreciation Week, it was exposed to an increased number of readers sooner than expected – a surge of +600% on Sunday alone, with Saturday, Monday and Tuesday all being about 300% above my previous average as well.

Among the things I’d like to get done or added soon are a custom header, a list of SLurls to shops/ designers I blogged, and a more detailed blogroll.

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In an uncharacteristic bout of courage I asked for permission to join the “Fashion Blogger Group” yesterday and despite my doubts I was admitted without further ado. Everyone involved was really friendly and accessible – the latter being something one can easily forget when the people are only experienced through their blogs.

Blogger Appreciation Week culminated in a party for bloggers today, and even though we all received an overwhelming amount of presents (I’ll probably be busy opening boxes until the end of the week), the best about it was this sense of community. It seems the group will continue to exist when this weekend is over, and I personally believe this is a great institution.

There was a dress code enforced at the party to keep the lag as low as possible: blue jeans and white tank top without any prim attachments, bare feet (no shoes or prim feet), no jewellery or other attachments; hair was allowed as well as 1 prim attachment to face/ head, for example lashes or a single piercing or pointy ears, and a not too elaborate AO.


Skin: Fleur Allure Alabaster Kitten 1
Eyes: (Miriel) Realistic Eyes – Mossy Rock
Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes – Feather
Hair: >TRUTH< Nikhita – night


Top: [Whippet & Buck] Hykova Buttoned Tank ALABASTER
Jeans: /artilleri/ Nina highwaist pants *blue*
Finger / Toe Nails: [Love Soul] Nail*Colors*Red


Pose: -AnaLu- *fresh poses* 5

Of course, I tried to stay true to my blog theme and preferred styles. Usually, my outfits aren’t that casual, but the high-waisted jeans gives it a bit of a retro feeling, and the skin choice wasn’t limited. Truth’s “Nikhita” hair turned out to have lowest prim number of all I tried and still works as a retro hairdo. A little colourful accent with red nails (even though nothing can realy save the avatars’ feet from looking strange without any shoes on), the new Whippet & Buck tanktop, and I was ready to go.

It was fun to see how different we all looked despite wearing the same “uniform.” Amazing, how much personal style you can express with such limited means.

Every single one of the organizers and content creators who spoiled us so generously would deserve a separate thank you, but I can only single out Callie Cline for happily taking it into her hands to organize such a mass event after initiating it. Many thanks also to everyone else who was part of it. It was through this group that I stopped thinking about bloggers as “them” and started to include myself into the term.

Thank you!

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  • Skin: Fleur Allure Alabaster Smudged 2
  • Eyes: (Miriel) Realistic Eyes – Mossy Rock
  • Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes – Feather
  • Hair: Diversity Hair – Delaney – black


  • Stole: *ICING* Glam Stole
  • Dress: /artilleri/ Eva dress (from the Gnubie Store)
  • Stockings: ~Blacklace~ Passionate Touch: Black Sheer Stockings
  • Shoes: =DeLa*= Pumps “Stella” Noir Black

Just a very quick post today to say thank you to Miko Omegamu of *ICING* for her generosity. When I read her post about “Blogger Appreciation Week,” I wasn’t entirely sure if that applied to me as well, seeing how I had taken up blogging only a very short time ago, and if it wouldn’t make me look like a mere mooch if I IMed her. It took me a while to overcome my scruples, with the result that I woke up to the generous gift of the Glam Stole.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to take as elaborate a picture as I’d have liked to, but this won’t be the last appearance this beautiful stole makes on this blog, because I absolutely love it. It comes with an inbuilt AO containing a walk and a couple of standing poses matching the stole – my favourite two are pictured above.  I kept the outfit very simple on purpose, so nothing would distract from the stole.

Thank you, Miko, once again – this made my weekend! 😀

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Hello, my name is Aderyn Verwood and I first came to Second Life in 2007, but eventually left again almost a year ago and even deleted my avatar, since I didn’t expect to ever go back. But as the months went by, I found myself checking the feeds for new developments and products – infrequently at first and then, gradually, so often that I decided to give it another try: Aderyn Verwood was born, an “experienced newbie” to this online world. Some things had changed, some things still are the same, some vanished and others were brand new. I didn’t regret coming back.

I used to have a rather short-lived blog (with approximately three individual readers, myself included 😛 ) as my first incarnation and knew from the day I registered again that I would give blogging another go as well. Once the novelty of SL has worn off, one needs an incentive and a direction on what to do and how to spend one’s time, and since my budget isn’t big enough to make shopping this virtual raison d’être and I always enjoyed the process of taking and publishing pictures, a blog seemed to make sense.

Naturally, my inventory was empty when starting again, and I wistfully thought more than once of all the skins, shoes, hair and outfits I deleted last year, not to mention those things which are not available anymore, like that huge folder with Last Call outfits…

Slowly I’m getting to a point where my inventory holds enough items for creating outfits of sufficient variety to justify blogging. My main interest is in vintage and retro styles, mixed with a bit of ethnic influences sometimes, and that’s what I’ll be showing.

Another reason for not starting any earlier is that there are some nasty visual glitches bugging the snapshot function of my viewer, which have ruined more than one session so far…

But now, enough of those boring firsts posts. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog, and thank you for reading. 🙂

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